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THANK YOU to everyone who helped make our Fall Open House such an amazing success. We are grateful to all visitors and vendors who came out to support our animals. We hope you will join us again in Spring!

In the meantime, to our volunteers, we are so grateful for each and every one of you. Your hard work and big hearts are the only way we can keeping providing our animals the best quality of life and care! We love you all!





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As we get closer to our Fall Open House in late October, we are looking for a few event sponsors to help us offer more attractions and activities for our visitors. Our goal is to have at least 3 organizations sponsoring $1,000 each and 3 organizations sponsoring $200 each. These monies will help pay for a bounce house for children, extra bathrooms and transport vehicles to help attendees get from the parking area to the entry gate. By getting sponsors for these amenities, we can keep all the money raised during the Open House for our animals.

Be A Sponsor

THIS IS A GREAT MARKETING OPPORTUNITY AND ALL SPONSOR DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE. We already have over 3,200 people interested in attending, and we plan to really promote the event beginning in October. Based on our past events and current interest, we expect a great turnout on both days!

All sponsors will be featured on our website, Facebook (5,377 followers) and Instagram (3.860 followers) pages. Sponsors will also have signage posted at all entry points and throughout our facility (larger signs for our $1,000 sponsors and smaller signs for our $200 sponsors). Our sponsors will also receive free VIP entry tickets (10 tickets for $1,000 sponsors and 4 tickets for $200 sponsors). $1,000 sponsors will be advertised on the shuttle bus(es), which will be the ONLY way to get from parking to event! A captive audience! Also, sponsors are able to set up a table during the event to advertise & give handouts!

Interested sponsors can learn more by contacting our director, Christin, at 407-247-8948. We do need time to make signage so please contact us as soon as possible. From our staff and over 200 animals, thank you for helping us make our Fall Open House fundraising event a success!

Also, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest news about our animals.