Education Programs

Part of our mission is to offer wildlife education to the public. We host parties and field trips at our sanctuary, or we can bring some of our smaller animals to you. Our appearances range from school presentations and children’s parties to community and corporate events.

To learn more, please call 407-247-8948.

Meet Our Traveling Education Teams

We have two teams of animals who enjoy traveling and interacting with people. They serve as ambassadors for The CARE Foundation and help raise money for all of our animals. Our A-team animals can be hands-on with almost anyone. They have great personalities and love people. Our B-Team animals enjoy having an audience but prefer not to be touched or handled by strangers. Please note that sometimes it may be too hot or cold for our animals to go out, or they just might need some down time. We can’t promise that every animal pictured here will be available for your particular event.

A Team: Hands-On Animals

Brutus the Runt Alligator


Blonde the Burmese Python


Boo the Skunk


Picture Coming Soon!


Ginger the Fox


Goliath the African Spur Thigh Tortoise


Picture Coming Soon!

Spike or Sandy

Pigourney Weaver (Pee Wee)


Mason the Wolf Hybrid


Bumper the Goat


B Team: Presentation Animals

Rosie the Capuchin Monkey Happy



Party Sparty the Cockatoo


Crawley the Tegu


King Julien the Ringtailed Lemur


Opie the Opossum



Yoda the Kinkajou


To schedule an educational program or event, please call 407-247-8948.

Community Partnerships

We participate with The University of Central Florida’s College of Business Administration’s Cornerstone program, helping their students learn how non-profit organizations operate.

As part of our community outreach programs, we host groups such as CATalyst (stress relief/PTSD program) and The Shelter Animal Reiki Association who offer people unique opportunities for healing work with our animals.

We have also developed programs for home school community groups, Boy and Girl Scouts troops, and programs for autistic and special needs children to offer them a very special experience touring our facility and allowing them the opportunity to get some hands-on time with many of our animals.

On occasion, we also offer community service opportunities.