Barnyard Bunch

We have rescued some domestic animals, as well our more exotic residents. Here are some of their stories.

Featured Animals


BamBam the Mini Donkey

Miniature Donkey
Birthdate: unknown

Bam Bam was given to us when his previous owner had to move and couldn’t take him with her. He is super sweet, intelligent and the official leader of our barnyard crew. He will walk on a lead, but usually it’s not much of a walk. It is more of a short few steps between stops at clumps of grass and/or bushes full of yummy leaves. Nevertheless, BamBam is a favorite for all who meet him and is a cherished member of our sanctuary.


barnyard-goat-bumper-bioMiniature Goat
Birthdate: 1/3/10

Bumper was actually born here at CARE. His mother was one of a number of goats who were found roaming on the side of a highway. They were all starving and in rough shape. Bumper’s mother survived long enough to give birth to him, but unfortunately died shortly afterward. Bumper was a crazy kid, earning his name by bouncing and bumping into everything, including people. He is a very sweet goat and is now in charge of our Barnyard Buddies area, which is designed to be safe for even young children.

Pigourney Weaver (P-Wea)

Pigourney Weaver the Mini PigMicro Mini-Pig
Birthdate: 2016

Pigourney came to us as just a “wee” thing. She is an example of a “fad” pet. Some breeders take advantage of these fads and have irresponsible/unethical practices when it comes to breeding and selling their animals. Plus, people who fall in love with a “fad” pet often don’t do their research about their animals. When the realities of health issues, behavioral challenges, care and upkeep start becoming clear, all of the sudden their cute little pet isn’t so cute anymore.

So, as part of our education team, P-Wea is a wonderful ambassador to help us teach people to be sure they do their research about an animal and, if they have to purchase an animal rather than adopt, to make sure it is from a reputable breeder. P-Wea is lucky though. She is the best pal of our White Faced Capuchin monkey, Rosie, has plenty of space to dig and play, and loves being the center of attention. If you come and visit, she will happily give you a sweet, piggy, kiss.


Pigzilla the Wild BoarWild Boar
Birthdate: unknown

If you can believe it, 300+ pound Pigzilla started off as a pet. He was initially raised by private owners in their home. When he got too big to live indoors, they put him in an outside pen, which he broke out of several times and destroyed the neighbor’s yard and even did some property damage. As much as we love Pigzilla and his loving personality, we would never recommend a wild boar as a pet.

The Fowl Mafia

Fowl Gangsters of Ducks and GooseGoose, Tufted Duck and White Duck
Birthdates: unknown

The terrors of the barnyard, Zorro, Mad Max and Duncan rule the roost. The tufted duck is Zorro the Godfather, who likes to peck at people’s shoes but actually loves to be picked up and thrown in the air so he can stretch his wings. Mad Max is the muscle of the operation, having the general fowl disposition many geese are known for. Finally, there is Duncan, the “Yes-man” who just follows along and eggs the other two on. Together, this little barnyard mafia was caused more problems than all of the goats and pigs combined. But, not to worry, if you buy them off with some treats, you can visit in safety.

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