We have several large birds. Here are some of their stories.


Party Sparty the CockatooMoluccan cockatoo
Birthdate: December 15, 2007

Sparty was hand-raised as pet, but came to us when his owners started travelling and could no longer care for him. Cockatoos are extremely loving pets who bond with their owners and love to cuddle. But they are extremely loud, can be destructive when bored, and shed a powdery dust that gets absolutely everywhere. Plus with an average life span of 50-60 years, they are life-long companions, which is a big commitment for most people.

We love our “Party Sparty,” and he has become a highlight of our educational program. He imitates many sounds and his “fire alarm” has amazed many audiences in terms of both accuracy and decibel level.


Sonia The Blue and Gold MacawBlue & Gold Macaw
Birthdate: 2008

Sonia was another ex-pet who was raised by caring owners. However, when their grandchild moved in, it was no longer possible to keep Sonia. Macaws tend to bond with only one or two people and can be forces to be reckoned with. They are loud, especially at dusk, when they are prone to “screaming” fits. They can bluster and seem aggressive, but this is all a façade to hide their sensitive natures and surprisingly loving hearts.

After a short settling-in period, Sonia bonded with one of our other macaws, Bosa. They are now a terrible, but loveable, twosome who can be heard no matter where you are on our 10-acre property. Oh, and poor Sonia is recovering well from an identity crisis. She was originally thought to be a female, but we now know she is a male. Oh well, Sonia is the only name he’s ever known, so we are sticking to it.


Zazu the Military MacawMilitary Macaw
Birthdate: unknown

Zazoo was confiscated by animal control in Ohio. They were having trouble placing him, so he came to us. Like most macaws, Zazoo can sometimes be cranky and difficult, especially with strangers. But he settled in well and made friends with some of our other birds. He is highly intelligent, beautiful and quite playful with his favorite CAREtakers. Of course, he is loud, but we forgive him because sometimes when he gets excited, he actually blushes.

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