As an exotic animal rescue, we usually do not take in dogs and cats, but there have been some special cases when we just couldn’t say no.


Mason the Wolf Hybrid

Timber Wolf/Husky Hybrid
Birthdate: unknown

Mason was the companion of one of The CARE Foundation’s closest friends. When our friend unexpectedly passed away, we were honored to take over Mason’s training and care. He is a completely lovable animal but had not really been leash trained. He needed special handling given his wolfy nature. He was a little overzealous at times, so we paired him up with our South African Boerboel, Athena, and the two of them have been best buddies ever since. She helps him calm down, and he has helped her become more trusting of strangers.


Athena the African BoerboelSouth African Boerboel
Birthdate: unknown

Also known as the South African Mastiff, Boerboels are large, dominant dogs who were specifically bred to be working farm and guard dogs, but have been known to be trained to hunt lions. Athena came to us when her owner’s health condition made it impossible to continue to care for the dog. Athena was undergoing security training and thus needed trained and knowledgeable handlers. She is super sweet but shy and leery of strangers. We paired her up with our wolf hybrid, Mason, and it was a great match. His hyper-friendliness helped her become more open to meeting strangers, and she helped him chill out.

Pretty Girl

Pit Bull, Pretty GirlPitbull
Birthdate: unknown

Pretty Girl was found wandering near a highway. She was severely malnourished, had bite marks all over her, and showed signs of recently birthing puppies. We believe that she was most likely a “bait” dog for a dog-fighting ring. We usually do not take in domestic animals, but there was no way we were going to turn her away. It took us weeks to nurse her back to health, and by that time, she had stolen our hearts and become part of the CARE family. Pretty Girl is now the companion of another pitbull, Jack, who she loves to cuddle and play with.

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