We have several simian friends here at CARE. Read all about them and their stories.


Famous Amos Spider Monkey Spread EagleBlack Handed Spider Monkey
Birthdate: unknown

Amos, Rosie, Andy and Dolly were the pets of an elderly couple, whose family gave them to us when the couple passed away. Amos was raised more like a child than a monkey. We realized the he had never been outside before and needed round-the-clock care given that he was prone to nightmares. Today, Amos plays outside as a monkey during the day, and at night, has a special area in the house where he can watch movies and sleep soundly knowing his favorite humans are nearby. He is also a celebrity. Check out his Facebook page (@famousamosmonkey).


Rosie the Capuchin Monkey HappyWhite Faced Capuchin
Birthdate: unknown

When Rosie first came to us, her nickname was “The Grumpy Old Lady.” She was anxious and reacted very aggressively toward women. If someone got too close, she would grab their hair and bang their heads into her cage.

After months of dedicated care, Rosie is now one of the sweetest monkeys in the world. She has learned how to jump and play. She is even learning some sign language and can ask her favorite people for a hug when she wants one. The “Grumpy Old Lady” is gone and now she has earned her new nickname, “The Happy Monkey!”

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Chupacabra the Capuchin MonkeyWhite Faced Capuchin
Birthdate: unknown

Chupe is a monkey with a big attitude… and teeth to match. His previous owner had him illegally, so FFWCC removed him and brought him to us. At some point in his life, Chupe’s back leg was broken and never treated. Understandably, he was incredibly aggressive toward people. This poor animal had such a rough life before he came to us that it took him weeks to calm down.

Due to the dedication of our staff and volunteers, Chupe slowly learned that human attention could be a good thing. He still has his big scary teeth, but he is learning it is better to “kill with cute,” than with aggression. We are so proud that Chupe is now a well-loved, healthy member of our primate family.


Andy the Tufted Capuchin MonkeyTufted Capuchin
Birthdate: unknown

Andy came in from the same rescue as Amos, Rosie and Dolly. Like the others, he had a bit of an adjustment when he first came to us. He was being kept in a very small cage and really hadn’t interacted much with the other monkeys. We paired him with Dolly to see if he was sociable. They are now inseparable and play together nonstop.

Andy is the protector of the group and makes sure that everything is safe before he lets any of his buddies meet new people. Once you win Andy’s affections, however, you are a lifetime friend… especially if you have treats.


Dolly the Tufted Capuchin MonkeyTufted Capuchin
Birthdate: unknown

Dolly came in from the same rescue as Amos, Rosie and Andy. We loved Dolly from the start for her sweet disposition and gentle manners.

It took us a while to realize how mischievous she really is. She likes to “cry wolf” and get the other monkeys excited, knowing that when she does, her favorite humans come running to see what the trouble is. Since humans give her lots of attention and treats, she has done a good job of training us to meet her every need.


Simi the Capuchin MonkeyWhite Faced Capuchin
Birthdate: unknown

Simi was given to us from private owners who were very caring, but whose lifestyle was changing to include a lot of travelling. They didn’t want Simi to suffer, so they asked us to start caring for her. Monkeys, especially Capuchins, are like 3-year old children who live an average of 40+ years. They are a big commitment as pets, and you must be licensed to own them in Florida.

While it was hard for them to let her go, her owners understood that she needed a permanent home where she would have the attention and companionship she needed. We are happy to have Simi as part of our family.

King Julien

monkey-lemur-king-julien-youngRing-tailed Lemur
Birthdate: 2016

When Julien joined us at only a few weeks old, we started training him to be a part of our education team. He loves to travel and is extremely interactive with people. He works hard to help raise money for all of our animals by making people “dead with cute.”

We haven’t decided if he is crazy or just fearless, but one of his favorite moves is to pull the tail of our special needs lion, Lucious, as he walks by. Julien thinks it’s hilarious. And, yes, Julien does like to move it, move it!