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Meet Our Founder


Christin has worked with and cared for animals all of her life. In 1985, she started working with large predators as the personal assistant to a big cat trainer. She worked hands-on with lions, tigers, pumas, and leopards.

Christin With Lion Christin With Lion Christin With Lion
Christin With Tiger Christin With Tiger Christin With Tiger

In 1989, she took over management of Gator Jungle (now called Jungle Adventures) in Christmas, Florida. She developed and facilitated various wildlife shows where she interacted hands-on with big cats, venomous snakes, alligators and crocodiles. In 1992, she left Gator Jungle to work as an exotic animal consultant and trainer for various groups, with a focus on helping handle animals with special behavioral issues and needs. That same year, Christin started her “Native Florida Wildlife Program,” which exists to this day to educate children and adults about the value and importance of our native wildlife.

Christin With Monkey Christin With Monkey And Christin With Monkey And Crocodile
Christin With Monkey Christin With Monkey Christin With Monkey

In 1996, she founded the non-profit, 501(c)3, CARE Foundation (Creating Animal Respect Education Foundation Inc.). The purpose of this non-profit entity is to provide a permanent home for non-releasable exotic & wild animals, most of which were born in captivity then kept as pets or in preforming acts. Many are often formally neglected, not properly cared for, & sometimes abused. Christin has developed a system to help bring these animals better health, both physically & mentally, while they continue their life journey. Through many years of working with a wide variety of different species, as well as working with animals coming from trauma, she has developed a unique hands on approach, of which she teaches & shares with her volunteers & other sanctuary keepers.

Christin With 2 Monkeys Christin With 3 Monkeys Christin With Parrot
Christin With Tortise Christin With Sloth Christin With Coatimundi

As Director of The CARE Foundation she not only brings animals into her facility, but also acts in outreach situations, providing education, training, & helpful advice to those that are considering owning certain animals, or currently have animals that the owners cannot properly care for or handle. She is currently on call with several counties for unique animal situations, as well as identification of snakes. When needed, she will also go to catch venomous snakes in populated areas. Christin works closely with the state’s Fl. Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, was well as USDA. She currently holds 27 different state licenses and 1 federal, and is eligible for more.